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Seeing a desperate need for nonprofit assistance in LaVergne, a trio of friends (Melissa, Deborah and Kathy) partnered with other community leaders to formalize a foundation. The We Are Hope Foundation helps residents who fall between the cracks but still desperately need assistance. We are growing. We are committed. We are helping!


Without strings attached, give freely. With happiness, give with your heart and your head. Always respond to someone who asks for help. Giving creates a vacuum which attracts new wealth into your life. This sets up a flow that will constantly improve your lifestyle over the years. Once the flow gets going, it will never stop ---- unless you stop giving. If you are always looking for 'what's in it for you'.... this universal law will show you nothing. If you believe you are lacking.... this universal law will tell are right! - By Roxanne Heverly


We are here to provide hope for residents in need of a helping hand.  



To work together with community to help vulnerable people in our area.   


Identify business, church, and philanthropic partners to advance opportunities that would enhance the quality of life for those in need   


Dedicate resources to deliver compassionate, high-quality help for people without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex, age, pregnancy, citizenship, familial status or disability.   


Strengthen and grow opportunities for children, families and disadvantaged people who are affected by poverty, including but not limited to education, utilities, food poor, and more.  We formally established as a 501(c)3 organization in December 2021 through a partnership with Life of Victory Church.


La Vergne, Tennessee

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